Jason in front of Skellig Michael on the Ferry.


Hi I’m Jason Johnson! I’m a realtor and a professional real estate photographer and online media and marketing nerd. I’m the proud business owner of helicopterhead media, llc a real estate marketing business specializing in photography and video production and web design. I am obsessed with the Internet and love learning all about new technologies, web standards, social media, podcasting, teaching, learning, audio/video, multimedia production and all things Apple. I love eating sushi, tasting wine and traveling- that’s the magnificent and remote island of Skellig Michael above for all you Star Wars fanatics! I was once a helicopter pilot and have been flying since before I could drive. I’ve been married for ten years to my wonderfully adventurous wife Corrie who is also a huge fan of traveling and wine tasting but she can’t stand seafood and gets sick flying.

Here at Jason in Progress I like to write about and share resources on the web, photos I take and travel adventures I make and whatever else is on my mind. Enjoy!