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Another affordable, simple, quick yet very powerful and effective approach to “websites” for realtors and their listings are single-page “sites”. is a great example that was easy to update and include various media assets and information during it’s short run online. Initially it boasted a walkthrough video for the first few days the home was on the market but once the video walkthrough was added to the Zillow listing, an open house announcement was adding to promote the upcoming event. Could it have done both? Yes but we really wanted to simply and drive home the message regarding the open house and there is a button link to the Zillow video walkthrough so it was just one click away. The home sold in just two days and I wish I had captured a screenshot of the analytics because they were through the roof and the same went for the Zillow listing performance. We crushed the competition (similar listings in the area) and the seller’s got numerous competing offers and ended up selling for over the asking price. The video below is the walkthrough of the home.