jPlates: Single-Page Nameplate “Websites”

When I first started out on my own I wanted to focus on creating full websites for local real estate professionals, attorneys, authors, and coaches but many of my business connections and potential clients didn’t have the budget for a “full” website and by full I mean a pretty basic site with the token five to nine pages aimed at delivering and/or sharing their services and products. So I shifted my focus and price point to building single-page “websites” that highlighted the people themselves, almost like a fancy business card online that let their potential customers and clients easily find and connect with them. I’d show with my camera (sometimes even a professional portrait photographer) snap some nice professional headshots and put together their nameplate page. I designer an intake and order form on my website that gathered up their details and scheduled our time together for further details on their page which I called “jPlates” and they sold great! Initially I was hand coding them, some with neat little intro videos (a really nice up-sell) but eventually, and Vizify all popped onto the scene and made it even easier yet for me. I didn’t need to write html and css, or find well-made html templates on themeForrest or mess around with setup hosting and domain names; it was all right their and so easy to setup configure. The real value that I was now bringing was my still my technical experience but moreover it was now a focus on helping clients craft their messages about themselves and selecting some design elements for their page. Why I didn’t think about taking what I was doing and scaling it up like those guys I don’t know, but kudos to them for thinking ahead and building great web services; Vizify was snatched by yahoo and the other two are still going strong. I created this motion-graphic video to drum up business and shared it out and it worked great. I used Motion 5 and┬átemplate from videoHive, Final Cut X and the end product is above and some examples of the one-page-websites with audio, video and other content is below.