WordPress Class and Video Announcement

This is a video announcement I made with my iPhone 4 and FCPX for a class I taught to aspiring bloggers. I shared it online and seating for the class sold out right away- it was very exciting. Maybe I should’ve charged more for it? I love teaching, getting to work alongside people and doing hands-on training and this, was all of those things. I was fortunate in that this workshop in particular was full of willing, excited, bloggers-to-be who were all happy to be part of the learning and setting up their new websites. The class ended up with about twelve people that I was able to help get setup online with hosted WordPress accounts. I think we all used BlueHost…it could’ve been HostGator either way it was affordable and good enough hosting. ¬†I got a fair amount of web design work from it afterwards from participants who wanted additional help or they simply wanted turn over creating their business websites to someone they knew and trusted.¬†Overall it was an awesome experience.